Experience a Healthier You with Healthier SG at MHC Group Asia

Healthier SG represents a pioneering initiative by the Singapore Government, aimed at guiding all Singaporeans towards improved well-being through personalised healthcare centered around each individual and their primary care physician. With MHC’s professional GPs, residents of Singapore will be enabled to address their health needs effectively through primary and preventive care, while fostering a supportive community for embracing healthier lifestyles.

MHC GP Services and Personalized Health Plans

Healthier SG, an initiative by the Singapore Government, aims to guide every Singaporean towards improved well-being. By connecting Singapore residents with a MHC GP, we foster a supportive community encouraging healthier lifestyles.

At MHC, our clinics collaborate closely with you, developing a personalized and tailor-made health plan, according to your unique health profile.

Throughout every phase of your life and at each milestone in your health journey, our doctors will engage in thorough discussions about your condition and treatment possibilities, as well as review with you on any concerns you may have and partnering you to achieve your health goals.

What To Expect with Healthier SG at MHC?

Discover the benefits of Healthier SG at MHC, where you can forge a lasting and trustworthy partnership with us to receive unwavering support throughout your health journey. Here are some key advantages:

Free First Appointment

In accordance with your medical history and goals, your MHC GP will create a personalised health plan for you.

Your One-Stop Health Hub

Enjoy free/subsidised health screenings and nationally approved vaccinations.

Hassle-Free Payments

Cashless Healthcare Payments

Cost-Effective Medications

Chronic Drugs at Polyclinic Prices


After completing your first health plan, you will receive HPB Healthpoints.

Join MHC Group Asia Today

Become a healthier YOU with MHC Today

Receive a personalized healthcare plan from a professional MHC GP.

Get regular health checkups and vaccines at the recommended intervals.

Continuous preventive care and counselling in acute and chronic conditions.

Enrol into Heathier SG

  • Receive SMS from Ministry of Health
  • Select your preferred MHC clinic from the HealthHub App
  • Schedule your 1st consultation

Personalise your health plan

  • Your MHC GP will go through your health targets and medical history.
  • Personalization of a health plan

Manage our health

  • The HealthHub App allows you to track your health plan.
  • Participate in community programs to stay active and healthy.

Review with your MHC GP

  • Discuss your progress with your MHC primary care physician.
  • Regular check-ups can allow you to keep track of your health.

Upon enrolling into a Healthier SG plan at MHC, patients embark on a well-structured journey towards improved well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Healthier SG

Healthier SG is a national initiative providing support for Singaporeans to lead a healthier lifestyle, by proactively managing their health.

Being enrolled in Healthier SG, you will appoint a family doctor who will map a personalised health plan that meets your needs including review of lifestyle adjustments, screenings and vaccinations recommended for you. Under the Healthier SG initiative, Singaporeans will also enjoy subsidised nationally recommended screening, vaccinations, and chronic medication.  

You may enrol in Healthier SG with MHC on Health Hub or simply walk-in to MHC Clinic for on-the-spot enrolment.

Singaporeans and Permanent Residents are eligible to participate in Healthier SG. The current phase of enrolment is for those aged 60 years old and above and those aged 40 years old and above with chronic conditions.

Simply walk-in to any MHC Clinic islandwide and we will assist you with the enrolment on the spot.

Upon completion of your first Health Plan consultation with our Minmed Doctor, you will receive $20 worth of Healthpoints (via the Healthy 365 app). The first Health Plan consultation is free.

During the first Health Plan consultation, our Minmed Doctor will review your health status with you, while discussing lifestyle improvements, health screening and vaccinations that you need. The first Health Plan consultation is free and upon completion, you will receive Healthpoints worth $20 (via the Healthy 365 app). 

You may enrol in Healthier SG even if you have existing health and insurance coverage, to be able to be supported by Healthier SG for more personalised and comprehensive care arrangements. 

You do not need to be a CHAS cardholder to enrol. Healthier SG enrolment is currently for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents aged 60 years old and above and those aged 40 years old and above with chronic conditions.



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